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Exclamation Point SEATS is requiring users to wear cloth masks while on buses

Face Mask Policy & Procedure

Due to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention's recent recommendation that people should wear cloth masks while in public spaces where social distancing may not be possible, Johnson County is asking transit riders to please wear a cloth mask when riding a bus.

Wearing a cloth mask while riding transit will help keep both the drivers and riders safe, and limit the spread of COVID-19. Johnson County bus drivers also have access to, and and wear, masks.

Johnson County also reminds residents that travel on public transit should be used for only absolutely essential trips: to work, for grocery shopping, or healthcare related trips.

The read the CDC's cloth mask recommendation, visit their website. The CDC also has instructions on how anyone can make their own cloth mask at home.

The SEATS department provides rides to senior citizens, people with disabilities, and others who may otherwise find it difficult to conduct daily transactions. The SEATS vans regularly transport people to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, and other destinations providing its clients with a necessary and reassuring degree of freedom.

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Johnson County SEATS does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, religion, color, sex or national origin. Services are open to the general public, including persons with disabilities, as required by the American with Disability Act (ADA). For more information on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 call the US Commission on Civil Rights at (202) 376-7700 or TTY (202) 376-8116.

To request additional information on Johnson County SEATS’s non-discrimination obligations or to file a Title VI complaint, please submit your request or complaint in writing to the SEATS Director.

SEATS Director:

In writing to Tom Brase
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By phone at (319) 339-6128 ext. 8

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