This page shows all applications that have been submitted and are currently working through the review and approval process.

The Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment meet monthly.

Applications shown under "active applications" are anticipated to appear on the agenda for the next upcoming meeting.

Applications shown under "deferred applications" will not be heard at the next upcoming meeting

If you have any issues accessing the application files linked on this page, please call our office for assistance.

Planning & Zoning Commission

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Active Applications (to be heard at the upcoming meeting)
Scheduled for December 13 meeting

PZC-21-28145 Horn Rezone on Courtney Ln NW (Filed 11.12.21)

PZC-21-28146 Johnson Rezone on Rohret Rd SW (Filed 11.12.21)

PZC-21-28147 Half Moon Corner Subdivision on Rohret Rd SW (Filed 11.12.21)

PZC-21-28150 Frank Place (subdivision) on 500th St SW (Filed 11.12.21)

PZC-21-28149 Kulish First Subdivision on L Road (Filed 11.12.21)


** All current applicants are listed below. Applicants have until the November 30, 2021 agenda deadline to provide necessary corrections in order to be placed on the December 13, 2021 agenda for hearing.**

Applications Currently on File (but not currently scheduled for hearing)

PZC-20-27962 Spartan Hollow Subdivision on Dillons Furrow Rd NE (Filed 11.12.20)

PZC-21-28056 Carson Subdivision off Rohret Rd SW (Filed 4.8.21)

PZC-21-28110 County Line Garden Subdivision on Johnson Cedar Rd NE (Filed 8.12.21)

PZC-21-28127 Kulish Rezone on L Rd (Filed 10.14.21)

PZC-21-28131 Wilfords Sixth Addition on 140th (Filed 10.14.21)

PZC-21-28133 Intensity Drive (subdivision) on Locust Ridge Rd NE (Filed 10.14.21)

Board of Supervisors

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Active applications
Scheduled for the December 9, 2021 formal meeting.

PZC-21-28111 Pleasant Valley Corner Subdivision on 520th St SE (Filed 8.12.21)

PZC-21-28117 Prairie Plum Ridge Subdivision on Rapid Creek Rd NE (Filed 9.9.21)

PZC-21-28054 965 Corridor Commercial Subdivision on Hwy 965 NW (Filed 4.8.21)

PZC-21-28109 Buline Subdivision on Black Diamond Rd SW (Filed 8.12.21)

PZC-21-28112 Oak Meadow Subdivision at Hwy 382 NE & Ely Rd NE (Filed 8.12.21)

PZC-21-28128 Miller Rezone on 560th St SW (Filed 10.14.21)

PZC-21-28129 Merle Miller Subdivision on 560th St SW (Filed 10.14.21)

PZC-21-28130 Cottonwood Creek Addition on Utah Ave (Filed 10.14.21)

PZC-21-28132 L & L Duwa Acres Subdivision on Lackender Ave SW (Filed 10.14.21)


Final Plat Applications - Not subject to public hearing, will be added to upcoming weekly agenda once complete.

PZC-21-28143 Yellow Rock Final Plat on Rapid Creek (Nov 2021) Allen.pdf

PZC-21-28125 JOCO 50 Subdivision on Hwy 965 (filed 9-30-21)_0.pdf

PZC-21-28148 Pleasant Valley Preserve on Sand Rd(Dec 2021)Feurerbach.pdf 


Deferred Applications

FLUM-21-28091 Brown Future Land Use Map Amendment on Seneca Rd NW (Filed 6.30.21) - (AMENDED 9.24.21)

PZC-21-28097 Brown Rezoning from Agricultural to Residential and Environmental Resource Preservation on Seneca Rd NW (Filed 7.8.21) - (AMENDED 9.24.21)



Zoning Board of Adjustment

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Active applications
Scheduled for December 15th meeting

BOA-21-28152 Special Exception filed by Norman Slabach on 540th St SW (Filed 11.18.21

BOA-21-28153 Conditional Use Permit request field by Terri Gorvin-Krueger to establish an Auxiliary Dwelling Unit on Cemetery Rd NW (Filed 11.18.21)


Deferred Applications