In the 2017 Johnson County Fair mock election, hosted by the Johnson County Auditor’s Office, voters of all ages were able to try our new voting equipment.

Mock election voting was open 10 AM to 8 PM, Monday, July 24 through Thursday, July 27 in Building B at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Voters can use our new Elections Systems and Software (ES&S) DS200 ballot reader and ExpressVote accessible marking device.

Final results as of 8 PM Thursday:

Total voters 1555  
Favorite Super Hero Team    
The Avengers 280 18.1%
Fantastic Four 71 4.6%
Guardians of the Galaxy 291 18.8%
The Incredibles 250 16.2%
Justice League of America 143 9.3%
Power Rangers 156 10.1%
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 243 15.7%
X-Men 110 7.1%
Favorite Park in Johnson County    
City Park 382 24.9%
Hickory Hill Park 79 5.1%
Hills Access 51 3.3%
F.W. Kent Park 306 19.9%
Lake Macbride State Park 282 18.4%
Penn Meadows Park 76 4.9%
S.T. Morrison Park 56 3.6%
Terry Trueblood Recreation Area 304 19.8%

The Auditor’s Office has hosted mock elections at the county fair since 1999. Everyone, including kids and guests from outside Johnson County, is welcome to vote.

This year's turnout was the second highest ever. Last year, a record 1,686 people voted for Muppets and presidential candidates.