County employees participated in a Diversity & Inclusion Assessment September 13 to September 24.  The assessment  provided the County with baseline data to determine our equity, diversity, inclusion & engagement (EDI&E) journey going forward. Once the assessment concluded on September 24, it was calculated that 329 out of 593 employees participated in the assessment.

Employees who complete the assessment and notified their D&I Committee representative, were entered into a drawing to win prizes.  Check out the winners below. 

Drawing Winners

A. Stanton, Auditor's Office

A. Nugent, Secondary Roads

D. Kjosa, Conservation

K. Andresen, BOS Office

M. Ringnalda, Public Health

R. Forsythe, BOS Office

A. Conard, SEATS

S. Innis, IT

Thank you to Nikeya Diversity and TopRank for partnering with the County as we embark on this journey to greater equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement.

The results of the assessment will be shared at a future Board of Supervisor work session.  Stay tuned!