Democratic Party

Johnson County

The Democratic Party reports the number of county convention delegates elected at the caucuses.


Delegates %

Sen. Paul Simon (IL)

124 34.3%

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. (IL)

79 21.9%

Gov. Michael Dukakis (MA)

75 20.8%

Former Gov. Bruce Babbitt (AZ)

56 15.5%

Rep. Richard Gephardt (MO)

19 5.3%


7 1.9%

Former Sen. Gary Hart (CO)

1 0.3%

Sen. Al Gore (TN)

0 0.0%

total delegates



Statewide winner: Gephardt; presidential nominee: Dukakis.

Republican Results

Johnson County

The Republican Party reports vote totals from a straw poll taken at the caucuses.

  Votes %
Sen. Bob Dole (KS) 1410 41.1%
Vice President George H.W. Bush (TX) 724 21.1%
Rev. Pat Robertson (VA) 595 17.3%
Rep. Jack Kemp (NY) 405 11.8%
Former Gov. Pete DuPont (DE) 272 7.9%
Former Sec. of State Alexander Haig 24 0.7%
Other 3 0.1%
total votes 3433


Statewide winner: Dole.  Nominee and general election winner: George H.W. Bush.

Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen, February 9, 1988.  The Auditor's Office does not tabulate results for the Iowa caucuses.  All results are the responsibility of the respective political parties.