The Johnson County Historic Preservation Commission is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to develop and oversee the local historic preservation program for the County (minus the City of Iowa City). The Commission maintains Certified Local Government status with the State Historic Preservation Office and brings the historical preservation perspective to bear when the County or private sector develops plans for capital improvements, annexation, economic development, or any other activity which might affect historic properties in the community.

The Historic Preservation Commission meets the second Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. in Room 202 of the Johnson County Health and Human Services Building, 855 S Dubuque St. Iowa City. Agendas are posted at least 24 hours in advance of a meeting and Minutes are posted after the meeting in which they are approved.

Agendas and Minutes


The Commission may conduct studies for the identification and designation of historic districts and sites that meet eligibility for National Register requirements. The Commission shall maintain records of all studies and inventories for public use. The Commission may make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors regarding the listing of a historic district or site in the National Register of Historic places. The Commission may, when appropriate, make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding:

  • Gifts and donations of real and personal property, including money, for the purpose of historic preservation.
  • Purchase, bequest, or donation/fee/lesser interests in historic properties, including properties adjacent to or associated with historic properties.
  • Preservation, restoration, maintenance and operation of historic properties.
  • Lease, sale, or other disposition of historic properties subject to rights of public access and other covenants and in a manner that will preserve the property.
  • Contracts with the state or federal government or other organizations.
  • Cooperation with the federal, state and local governments in the pursuance of the objectives of historic preservation.
  • Promotion and conduct of educational interpretive programs on historic properties within its jurisdiction.

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