Total voters 785 (13.7% turnout)

Form of Government (50% required)

Yes 173 (22%)
No 607 (78%)

On April 16, the North Liberty City Council set June 12 as the date for a special election on the city's form of government.  This election was required by petition.

Ballot wording:

Should the following public measure be adopted?

Summary:  To authorize the change in the form of government for the City of North Liberty to Council-Manager-Ward. 

Shall the City of North Liberty, Iowa, change its form of government from the present Mayor-Council form as provided by Iowa Code §372.4 to the Council-Manager-Ward form as provided in Iowa Code §372.7, which would be composed of a Mayor and six Council members with the Mayor and two of the Council members elected at large and four Council members elected from each of four wards and with the Mayor and Council members serving four-year staggered terms?


  • Friday, June 1, 5 p.m.: deadline to register to vote.  (Note: House File 653, the election day voter registration law, does not take effect until January 1, 2008.)
  • Friday, June 8, 5 p.m.: deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail.  In person absentee voting was available until Monday, June 11, at 6 p.m.