June 23, 1992 Clear Creek School District Special Election

Shall the Board of Directors of the Clear Creek Community School District in the counties of Iowa and Johnson, State of Iowa, be authorized for a period of 5 years, to levy and impose an instructional support tax in an amount not exceeding 4.5 percent of the total of regular program district cost for the budget year and monies received under Section 257.14 of the Code of Iowa, as a budget adjustment for the budget year, and be authorized annually in combination, as determined by the Board, to levy a combination of instructional support property tax upon all the taxable property within the school district, commencing with the levy for collection in the fiscal year ending June 30, 1994, and to impose an instructional support income surtax upon the state individual income tax of each individual income taxpayer resident in the school district on December 31, for each calendar year commencing with calendar year 1993, or each year thereafter, to be used for any general fund purpose?

Yes 439
No 284