The 89th Iowa General Assembly passed new legislation (HF2431) during the 2022 session that affects food licensing rules in Iowa.

Although there are some exceptions, beginning July 1, 2022, most foods that do not need to be kept hot or cold for safety may be sold directly to the consumer without a license, provided they meet certain labeling requirements. Additional information on cottage foods will be available soon on this website. 

“Cottage foods” are foods that are prepared in a residence that is not subject to licensing or inspection. As defined by the new legislation, "cottage foods” must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The food is prepared in a private residence; 
  2. The food does not require temperature control to ensure safety;
  3. The food is sold directly from the producer to the consumer; and
  4. The food is properly labeled.

Additional Guidance

Is it a cottage food, or is a home food processing establishment license needed?

Click here for additional cottage food resources including templates and examples.