Shall the Clear Creek Community School District and the Amana Community School District merge and reorganize to form the Clear Creek Amana Community School District in the Counties of Iowa and Johnson, State of Iowa, effective July 1, 1995, embracing the territory described and in accordance with all other terms of the decision of the Grant Wood Area Education Agency which was published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on January 28, 1994; the directors of the initial board to be seven (7) in number and selected pursuant to Iowa Code section 275.41 as amended, with the membership of the regular board to be seven (7) in number to be elected by the methods set out and with the director district boundaries described in the same decision of the grant wood area education agency referred to above; and also including a physical plant and equipment levy in the amount of $.67 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation, funded by a combination of property tax and income tax surtax for ten(10) years pursuant to section 298.2 of the Iowa Code (1993) as amended?

Yes 951 (84.5%)
No 175 (15.5%)

Total voters 1160 - 33.66% turnout

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