Rose Mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos or Hibiscus palustris) foudn growing in a wetland complex along the Cedar River in northeast Johnson CountyTallgrass prairie at the Conservation Education Center at F.W. Kent Park.

The Johnson County Conservation Department takes great pride in management and restoration of natural communities. These management and restoration efforts start with observations and inventories of the sometimes delicate plant and animal communities that may exist at a given location. Repeated visits to a site throughout a year help provide insight on the health of the site and can display opportunities to utilize differing management techniques to enhance the habitat. Scientific data collected from a site is used to guide the management goals and objectives, focusing on minimizing the negative impacts of the management and encouraging the natural abilities of a community to heal and repair given the opportunity. The ecological services provided from these communities can be immense and are often taken for granted, but the protection and management of these natural resources have an immense positive impact on the quality of life for all organisms associated with them.