Board of Supervisors

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors addressed a number of organizational issues for 2023 in its first formal meeting of the year today, Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023. The Board began by appointing Lisa Green-Douglass as Chairperson for 2023. Rod Sullivan was appointed Vice Chairperson.

The Board of Supervisors determined that its formal and informal meetings will continue to be held on Thursdays starting at 9 a.m., except for the second Thursday of each month, when the meetings will begin at 5:30 p.m. Board meetings are typically held in the second-floor boardroom of the Johnson County Administration Building, 913 S. Dubuque Street, Iowa City, though locations and times are subject to occasional change.

The Board designated the County’s official newspapers and established Supervisors’ assignments to various community boards and commissions.

“I look forward to serving as Chairperson and working with my colleagues in 2023,” Green-Douglass said. “Johnson County is a growing community – one of the fastest growing in the State of Iowa. We have many things to accomplish this year. The Board, along with all elected officials, department heads and employees will continue to work together to improve the lives of all people in Johnson County.”