Planning, Development and Sustainability

Residents in Johnson County can take an easy step towards reducing home energy use, increasing indoor comfort and saving money on energy bills by scheduling a no-cost home energy audit with Green Iowa AmeriCorps. The program is open to those who own houses or apartments, and renters can participate by getting permission from their landlord.

The audit assesses how much energy a home uses and identifies steps to improve energy efficiency.

The program began in Iowa City nearly seven years ago and has just been expanded through a new city–county partnership to benefit residents throughout all of Johnson County.

The audit provides a roadmap for realizing the three C’s of weatherization:

  • Comfort: Reducing cold air drafts helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures;
  • Cost: Weatherization upgrades can save a household $50 to $350 annually, with the improvements lasting five to 25 years; and
  • Conservation: Reducing energy use reduces the demand for fossil fuels.

There is no fee for the service, and the audit team can work around residents’ schedules for the home visit. The audit blower door test, which measures air infiltration, may not be feasible to do in apartments; however, the walkthrough is very useful to identify areas where air may be leaking in or out of the home.

To learn more and sign up for a free audit, visit the Green Iowa website at or call the team at 319-339-5399.

About Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Operated through the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Energy and Environmental Education and hosted locally by the City of Iowa City in conjunction with Johnson County, Green Iowa AmeriCorps is a community service program focused on conservation and sustainable use of energy resources in Iowa.

Members are BPI trained as energy auditors and contribute to a comprehensive home energy program. Other involvement in the community includes deconstruction projects, creating energy educational programs for all ages, and assisting in the development of energy-related community events.