Social Services

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to increase the available individual scholarship amounts for the infant and toddler scholarship program.

The Johnson County Infant and Toddler Scholarship Program assists families that reside in Johnson County and meet income and employment requirements in paying for a quality early education for their children while they work. Scholarships can be used to enroll children aged zero to three at eligible programs that meet quality rating standards. Families awarded infant and toddler scholarships may use them at the eligible program of their choice.

The vote increased available scholarship amounts to 80 percent of the program’s private pay rate, and program work requirements have been adjusted to 25 hours per week. Income guidelines remain at up to 250 percent of the federal poverty level.

For more information on the Infant and Scholarship Program, visit the Johnson County Social Services website at under the Infant and Toddler Scholarships tab, or contact Laurie Nash at [email protected] or 319-356-6090. 

More information about ARPA and how it impacts Johnson County is available at