Social Services

Johnson County is seeking a qualified turnkey transportation operator to lead door-to-door on-demand and pre-scheduled trips through its Trip Connect program.

The Trip Connect pilot aims to address the transportation needs of Johnson County residents seeking access to employment and education in Coralville and North Liberty during periods when conventional public transportation is unavailable.

Scheduled to commence in July 2024 and extend over a two-year period, the program invites Transportation Service Provider/Vendors to submit responses affirming their capability to operate and maintain a safe and dependable service. Vendors must be equipped with a minimum of two passenger vehicles, including one ADA-accessible vehicle, and hold appropriate vehicle and liability insurances.

Key expectations from the selected operator include:

  • Hiring and supervising drivers.
  • Administering proper drug and alcohol testing and background checks for safety-sensitive positions as mandated by the Federal Transit Administration.
  • Establishing processes for cashless, cash, and ticketed fare collections, fare discounts, and reconciliation.
  • Lead marketing, outreach, communication, and recruitment efforts targeting riders, employers, and post-secondary educational institutions.

To request full details, contact Kelly Schneider at [email protected] or

Submissions are due no later than April 19, 2024.