November 7, 1978 General Election

Registered Voters 51773
Total Voters 23516
Turnout 45.42%
Early Voters 771
% of votes cast early 3.28%

US Senator
Dick Clark (Dem) 14962 (66%)
Roger Jepsen (Rep) 7375 (33%)
Gerald Baker 161 (1%)
Ben L. Olsen 165 (1%)
scattered write in 3

US Representative, 1st District
Jim Leach (Rep) 12490 (56%)
Dick Myers (Dem) 9069 (41%)
Bill Douglas (Socialist) 649 (3%)
scattered write in 2

Governor of Iowa
Robert D. Ray (Rep) 14348 (63%)
Jerome D. Fitzgerald (Dem) 7888 (35%)
Joseph W. Grant 592 (3%)
John H. Ball 211 (1%)
scattered write in 9

Lieutenant Governor
William D. Palmer (Democrat) 10632 (50%)
Terry Branstad (Rep) 10243 (48%)
Minnette Doderer (write in) 421 (2%)
scattered write in 8

Secretary of State
Walter R. Griffin (Dem) 10424 (51%)
Melvin D. Synhorst (Rep) 9470 (46%)
Leighton V. Berryhill 651 (3%)
scattered write in 10

Auditor of State
Lloyd R. Smith (Rep) 10334 (51%)
John B. Brunow (Dem) 9392 (46%)
Thomas J. Oliver 556 (3%)
Smith died shortly after the election. Governor Ray appointed Richard Johnson as Smith's successor. A special election for Auditor of State was held with the 1980 general election.

Treasurer of State
Robert A. Krause (Dem) 10157 (52%)
Maurice E. Baringer (Rep) 9385 (48%)
scattered write in 4 (0%)

Secretary of Agriculture
Robert H. Lounsberry (Rep) 11244 (55%)
James D. Jordan (Dem) 8711 (42%)
James Dubert 532 (3%)
scattered write in 15

Attorney General
Tom Miller (Dem) 14622 (67%)
Richard C. Turner (Rep) 6761 (31%)
Steve Wilson 357 (2%)
scattered write in 2

State Senate, District 13
Nick Berry (Dem) 1345 (53%)
A.R. Bud Kudart (Rep) 1213 (47%)

State Senate, District 37
Arthur A. Small Jr. (Dem) 10781 (64%)
Victor V. Woolums II (Rep) 5817 (34%)
David Manuel (Socialist) 357 (2%)
scattered write in 5

State Representative, District 24
Herbert Hinkhouse (Dem) 464 (69%)
Vic Stueland (Rep) 204 (31%)

State Representative, District 25
John Patchett (Dem) 1533 (58%)
Michael D. Jones (Rep) 1118 (42%)

State Representative, District 72
Linda Svoboda (Dem) 416 (57%)
Phillip E. Tyrell (Rep) 311 (43%)
scattered write in 1

State Representative, District 73
Jean Lloyd-Jones (Dem) 4444 (62%)
Wes Dunbar (Rep) 2549 (35%)
David A. Smithers 226 (3%)
scattered write in 7

State Representative, District 74 (Full Term)
Dale Hibbs (Rep) 4456 (53%)
Pat Gilroy (Dem) 3996 (47%)

State Representative, District 74 (Unexpired Term)
Dale Hibbs (Rep) 4701 (53%)
Pat Gilroy (Dem) 4149 (47%)
scattered write in 2
Special election required by resignation of Rep. William Hargrave.

State Representative, District 75
Betty Hoffmann (Rep) 186 (56%)
Jim Kramer (Dem) 148 (44%)

County Treasurer
Donald J. Krall (Dem) 14235
scattered write in 2

County Recorder
John E. O'Neill (Dem) 13867
scattered write in 2

County Attorney
Jack W. Dooley (Dem) 13808
scattered write in 17

County Board of Supervisors - 4 Year Term (2 to be elected)
Harold M. Donnelly (Dem) 12585 (54%)
Dennis J. Langenberg (Dem) 10889 (46%)
H. John Dane Jr. (Rep) 10878 (46%)
scattered write in 21

County Board of Supervisors - 2 Year Term
Janet Shipton (Dem) 10543 (52%)
Hal D. Knowling (Rep) 9830 (48%)
scattered write in 8

In 1976 Johnson County voters approved an expansion of the Board of Supervisors from three to five members effective with this election.

State Constitutional Amendment: County Home Rule

Article III, legislative department, Constitution of the State of Iowa is hereby amended by adding the following new section:

Counties home rule. Sec. 39A. Counties or joint county-municipal corporation governments are granted home rule power and authority, not inconsistent with the laws of the general assembly, to determine their local affairs and government, except that they shall not have power to levy any tax unless expressly authorized by the general assembly.  The general assembly may provide for the creation and dissolution of joint county-municipal corporation governments.  The general assembly may provide for the establishment of charters in county or joint-municipal corporation governments.

If the power or authority of a county conflicts with the power and authority of a municipal corporation, the power and authority exercised by a municipal corporation shall prevail within its jurisdiction.

The proposition or rule of law that a county or joint county-municipal corporation government possesses and can exercise only those powers granted in express words is not a part of the law of this state.

Yes 11485 (72%)
No 4375 (28%)

Iowa City Hotel Motel Tax

Shall the City of Iowa City, Iowa, be authorized to impose a 5 percent tax upon the gross receipts from the renting of any and all rooms, apartments, or sleeping quarters within the corporate limits of the City of Iowa City, Iowa?

Yes 4678 (37%)
No 8032 (63%)

Iowa City Library Bond (60% required)

Shall the City of Iowa City, Iowa, issue its bonds in an amount not exceeding the amount of $3,500,000 for the purpose of acquiring, constructing and equipping a city public library?

Yes 8424 (63%)
No 5007 (37%)

Coralville Hotel Motel Tax

There is hereby imposed a hotel and motel tax, commencing April 1, 1979, at a rate of 5% upon the gross receipts from the renting or any and all rooms, apartments or sleeping quarters within the corporate limits of the City of Coralville, all as defines, allowed and provided for in Chapter 1144, Acts of the 67th General Assembly, 1978 Session, and subject to the limitations, conditions, provisions, and penalties provided therein.


Yes 643 (41%)
No 939 (59%)