November 8, 1977 City and Special County Election

County Jail Bond Referendum

Shall the County of Johnson, in the State of Iowa, construct and equip a new county jail, including sheriff's facilities, and borrow money by the issuance and sale of bonds in the sum of One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,900,000) to pay the cost thereof, and shall a tax be levied upon all the taxable property within said County from year to year, at a rate not exceeding forty cents per thousand dollars of assessed value in any one year, in addition to all other taxes, commencing with the levy in the year 1978, to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds until the same are fully paid?

Yes 9543 (75%)
No 3173 (25%)

Iowa City

11,027 voters

At Large (2 to be elected)
Glenn Roberts 5371 (49%)
Robert Vevera 5292 (48%)
Ira Bolnick 4807 (44%)
Fredine Branson 4452 (40%)

District B
Clemons Erdahl 5161 (51%)
Max Selzer 4920 (49%)

Tenant-Landlord Ordinance
Yes 4639 (44%)
No 5917 (56%)