Countywide summary

Note: Approval of tax NOT determined on county-wide result; provided for comparison to other elections. The tax was defeated in all jurisdisctions.

Yes 3,588 (41%)
No 5,144 (59%)

Precinct results and totals for each jurisdisction

Tax approval or rejection by majority vote in each of the following geographic areas:

  • Groups of contiguous cities voted as one unit.  In 1987 Johnson County contained one group of contiguous cities: Iowa City, Coralville, Hills, North Liberty, and University Heights.  (In 1987, Hills shared a short boundary with Iowa City along a railroad right of way. Hills has since severed the railroad right of way from its city limits and no longer borders Iowa City.)
    Each city had its own proposals for use of revenue, but approval or rejection was based on the total five-city vote.
  • The unincorporated portion of Johnson County voted as one unit.
  • Each city that bordered no other city voted as a unit.  In 1987 Johnson County contained six such cities: Lone Tree, Oxford, Shueyville, Solon, Swisher and Tiffin.  (By the time of the 1999 sales tax election, Tiffin and Coralville shared a boundary and Tiffin voted with the contiguous cities. Also, the city of West Branch did not annex into Johnson County until 1994 and thus did not participate in the 1987 election.)

Registered Voters 54,246
Total Voters 8,691
Turnout 16.02%
Early Voters 178
% of votes cast early 2%