September 10, 1985 School Election

Iowa City Community School District

Total voters: 3346

3 Year Term (2 to be elected)
Lynne Cannon 2143 (64%)
Kathy Hiratzka 2052 (61%)
Orville Townsend 1866 (56%)
Scattered write in 15

Public Measure G: To Sell Property

Shall the Board of Directors of the Iowa City Community School District be authorized and directed to sell, in accordance with law, property at First Avenue and Washington Streets?

Yes 2810 (92%)
No 256 (8%)

Clear Creek Community School District

District 2

R. Nicholas Greiner 609
Ann Villhauer (write in) 408
scattered write in 18

Bond Issue (60% required)

Shall the Clear Creek Community School District, in the Counties of Johnson and Iowa, State of Iowa, be authorized to remodel the existing Elementary Building and build and furnish an addition to the Elementary Center and issue its School Bonds in an amount not exceeding $800,000 for that purpose?

Yes 775
No 420

Lone Tree Community School District

Board Member (1 seat)

Philip L. Fisher Jr. 84
Loran Yoder 82
write in 2

Solon Community School District

Board Member (2 seats)

Ronald J. O'Neil 165
Anton Zacek 111
John W. McFarland  103
write in 2