Turnout Updates 9 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM and after 8 PM

Polls open 7AM to 8 PM Election Day in Iowa City, Clear Creek Amana, Lone Tree and Solon districts.
Vote at school polling places, which for most voters are different than regular polling places.

Absentee requests from Johnson County voters as of 6 PM Monday, September 12: 391

  • Iowa City District: 357
  • Lone Tree District: 14
  • College Community District: 8 (election administered by Linn County)
  • Solon District: 6
  • Clear Creek Amana District: 6

Dates and deadlines:

  • July 11 - August 4: Candidate filing period. File with school board secretaries (not with our office. Terms four years unless noted.
  • Tuesday, August 9: Deadline for candidates to withdraw, 5 p.m.. File with school board secretary.
  • Friday, September 2:  Voter pre-registration deadline, 5 p.m. 11 days before the election.  Voters can still register after this deadline using the election day registration procedure.
  • Monday, September 5: Labor Day holiday, office closed.
  • Friday, September 9: 5 p.m. deadline to request absentee ballot by mail.
  • Monday, September 12: Postmark deadline for absentee ballots to be counted.
  • Tuesday, September 13: Election Day. Polls open 7 AM to 8 PM in Iowa City, Clear Creek Amana, Lone Tree and Solon districts. For information on other districts contact control county.

Candidates and Issues

Final list through August 9 withdrawal deadline.

All terms four years unless noted. Johnson County is the "control county" which administers elections for four districts entirely or primarily in Johnson County: Iowa City, Clear Creek Amana, Lone Tree and Solon. Other districts include parts of Johnson County but are primarily in other counties. For information on other districts contact their control county.

Iowa City Community School District

Four year term, four to be elected, vote for no more than four

Jeff Alden
813 Forest Edge Ln
Coralville 52241

Patti Fields
5 Modern Way
Iowa City 52240

Phil Hemingway
415 Elmridge Ave
Iowa City 52245

Sally Hoelscher
3224 Arbor Dr
Iowa City 52245

Jeff McGinness
4421 Tempe Pl
Iowa CIty 52246

Robert Porter
3136 Windy Meadow Ln SW
Iowa CIty 52246

Marla Swesey
2918 Brookside Dr
Iowa City 52245

James Jim Tate
2830 Sterling Dr
Iowa City 52240

Two year term to fill vacancy, one to be elected, vote for one

Karla Cook
45 Edgewood Cir
Iowa City 52245

Julie Van Dyke
3635 490th St SW
Iowa City 52240
319-679-3160, 319-400-5314

Clear Creek Amana

At Large, two to be elected, vote for no more than two

Bob Broghammer
4040 Erica Blvd SW
Oxford 52322

Terry Davis
3076 Chambers Ave NW
Oxford 52322

Lisa Jiras
2432 Cemetery Rd NW
Oxford 52322


District 1, one to be elected
Rick Hergert
714 28th Ave
Amana 52203

District 3, one to be elected
Steve Swenka
2671 Half Moon Ave NW
Tiffin 52340

District candidates must live in the director district, but all Clear Creek Amana school district voters may vote on all of the district seats.

Lone Tree

Two to be elected, vote for no more than two

Sheila Burr
5425 520th St SE
Lone Tree 52755

Tim Lorack
5545 680th St SE
Nichols 52766
319-629-4909, 319-430-7248

Joel Yedlik
4850 620th St SE
Lone Tree 52755


Two to be elected, vote for no more than two

Dan Coons
713 Willow Ct
Solon 52333

Dean A. Martin
4016 Crestview Rd NE
Solon 52333

Jeremiah Sinnwell
1636 Oak Ave NE
Solon 52333

Ballot Issue (50% required):

Summary: To adopt the revenue purpose statement to replace the current Revenue Purpose Statement and authorize the expenditure of revenues from the State of Iowa secure an advanced vision for education fund received by the Solon Community School District.

Kirkwood Area X Directors

One to be elected per director district; only voters in district may vote.

District 2
Paul Glenn
637 East Oak
Mechanicsville, IA 52306
(563) 432-7710

Director District 2 in Johnson County:
Solon School District

District 4
Karen Gorham
608 W. Washington Blvd.
Washington, IA 52353
(319) 653-5352

Director District 4 in Johnson County:
Iowa City Regular Precincts 6, 12, 14, 16, 17, 25
Portions of Liberty, Sharon and Lincoln townships in Iowa City School District
Highland, Lone Tree, and Mid Prairie School Districts

District 5
John Hall
2060 F67 Boulevard
North English, IA 52316
(319) 330-0090

Director District 5 in Johnson County:
Iowa City Regular Precincts 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13
North Liberty regular precincts 1 and 2
Penn, University Heights, West Lucas
Portion of Clear Creek and Union townships in Iowa City School District
Clear Creek Amana and Williamsburg School Districts

All Districts: Kirkwood Bond (60% required)

Public Measure Q

Shall the Kirkwood Community College (Merged Area X) in the Counties of Benton, Black Hawk, Buchanan, Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Iowa, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, Keokuk, Linn, Louisa, Poweshiek, Tama and Washington, be authorized to remodel, erect and equip buildings at the main campus and other enrollment locations, acquire a site or sites for use of the Community College, contract indebtedness therefore, and issue its school bonds in an amount not exceeding $46,500,000 for that purpose?