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Gender balance:  Iowa Code Section 69.16A requires gender balance on County boards and commissions required or governed by state law, unless the County has made a good faith effort for a minimum of three months to appoint a qualified person. The Johnson County Board of Supervisors extends this requirement to apply to all appointees of the Board of Supervisors regardless of whether the board or commission is required by state law.

Eligible Elector: Some boards and commissions require you to be an “eligible elector,” defined in Iowa Code Section 39.3 as “a person who possesses all of the qualifications necessary to entitle the person to be registered to vote [in Johnson County], whether or not the person is in fact so registered.” Please refer to the vacancy page here to confirm whether appointees are required to possess eligible elector status. If the vacancy press release makes no mention, then this requirement does not apply.

When applying, please keep in mind the Johnson County Policy on Attendance on County Boards and Commissions: The Board considers regular attendance at meetings an integral part of one’s service on a Board or Commission. While it is not uncommon for someone to miss an occasional meeting, absences should be avoided as they can impair the work done by the Board or Commission on behalf of the public. Additionally, prolonged absences may be grounds for removal from the Board or Commission under the Iowa Code.

Your application will be retained in our files for one year. This application is a public document and as such can be reproduced and distributed for the public.


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Iowa Code Section 331.342 states “an officer or employee of a county shall not have an interest, direct or indirect, in a contract with that county.” 
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