Our Mission

To provide technological leadership and strategic planning to ensure the effective management and implementation of all County information technology operations and services. To partner with all County personnel to enhance and support the services the County provides to the citizens of Johnson County.


The services provided by the Information Technology include;

Programming Services

Programming support, provides the information and service needs of the County by providing leadership in acquiring, deploying, and maintaining high quality, cost-effective and timely solutions. Software applications are one of the most critical technology assets in the County. The effective selection, implementation, and management of the County’s software applications are critical in attaining a high level of staff productivity, cost-effective service delivery, efficient business processes, and a return on the County’s technology investment.

Network/PC Services

Wide Area Network (WAN) support, this provides Internet Protocol (IP) data communications connectivity between all County Buildings. The WAN connects the Local Area Network (LAN) in each building to all other County buildings allowing redundant connects for all departments.

Local Area Network (LAN) support, this provides the infrastructure within each building, which enables data communications among resources within the building. The service supports the wired and wireless infrastructure required to enable connectivity from end-user computing devices. The service includes equipment, maintenance, configuration, administration, monitoring, and support of the networking infrastructure.

Server management provide solutions for mission-critical applications and a Database infrastructure required to support business applications for all County departments. Benefits include a variety of storage capabilities utilizing tape and disk, disaster recovery, backups, tape vaulting and more.

Telephony Service provides a VoIP telephone system to all County departments. This service provides for all Moves, Adds, Changes maintenance, configuration and administration of phones and phone lines.

Desktop Support provides consistent, reliable desktop computing services using standardized hardware and software components from major vendors. The service is comprised of two primary components;

  • Level 1 support via our Help Desk
  • Level 2 support via dedicated technical staff

Hardware life cycle management includes;

  • Procurement of standard hardware and software
  • Installation and configuration services for standard hardware and software
  • Retirement/refresh of assets

Desktop support currently serves all departments in Johnson County. We support approximately 700 desktop and laptop systems across the County departments.

GIS Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. This technology provides powerful and versatile tools for land records management, asset tracking, elections, transportation planning, emergency response, site selection, environmental analysis, tax assessment, and many other facets of public business where geographic location is key to a decision or analytical process.

GIS services provided by Johnson County consist of web based mapping applications such as the Property Information Viewer, supporting staff in database development and map production, assisting the public in accessing information, and coordinating projects with other organizations within Johnson County and throughout the State of Iowa.

Web Services

The Web support group is responsible for the design, organization and updating of content for both the main County website and Intranet website.