Code Enforcement

For questions about code enforcement, or to file a code enforcement complaint, please contact the Planning, Development, Sustainability Office at 319-356-6083. You will be connected to our dedicated Code Enforcement Inspector who will follow up on the complaint.

Or you can email our Code Enforcement Inspector directly at [email protected].

Please note: We always prefer to collect the name and contact of individuals filing complaints so we can follow up after we have investigated. 

Rental Inspections - Complaint Form and Checklist

Click Here for the Rental Violation Complaint Form


  • Approved address numbers legible and visible from the public way fronting the property and from the vehicle access area if other than the front of the building. (4” high minimum)
  • Is siding and/or paint in good condition?
  • Are all accessory structures in good condition? (garage, shed)
  • Does the roof leak?
  • Are the steps (uniform riser height and tread), decks and landings in good condition?
  • Do stairways with 4 or more risers have a handrail?
  • Do any balconies, porches or landing 30” or more above grade have guardrails?
  • Are fences in good repair?
  • Are sidewalks in safe and sound condition?
  • Are gutters and/or downspouts in a good state of repair and directing rainwater away from the structure?
  • Is the foundation in good repair?


Fire Protection
  • Smoke alarms installed in accordance with Johnson County Fire Code.
  • Fire extinguishers installed in accordance with Johnson County Fire Code.
  • Are all combustible materials stored at least 3’ away from sources of ignition?
  • Do exterior doors have locks in working order?
  • Are exterior doors weather tight?
  • Are the doors in good working order including: exterior, interior screen and storm doors?
  • Do windows have locks in working order?
  • Are windows weather tight?
  • Are emergency escape and rescue windows in every bedroom?
  • Do operable windows have screens without rips, tears or holes?
Walls, Ceilings and Floors
  • Are walls and ceilings maintained in a clean and sanitary condition?
  • Are kitchen and bathroom floors maintained to keep them in a clean, dry and sanitary condition?
  • Are all floors structurally sound?
  • Do all habitable rooms have a ceiling height at least 7’? (Rooms with sloped ceilings shall have at least 1/3 of the floor area at 7”).
  • Bedroom size is a minimum of 70 square feet.
Electrical Systems
  • Does every habitable room have at least two separate duplex outlets and situated a distance apart equivalent to at least 25% of the perimeter of the room.
  • Does every habitable room, toilet room, bathroom, laundry room, furnace room, basement, kitchen and/or cellar have at least one ceiling type, wall type or switched lighting fixture?
  • Are all cover plates for outlets, switches and junction boxes in place?
  • Are all switches, outlets and electrical fixtures properly installed and in good working order?
  • Are there and extension cords or temporary wiring being used? (this is not permitted)
  • Are there appropriate separate outlets for the stove and refrigerator?
  • Are passageways and stairways in building with 3 or more units adequately lighted at all times?
Mechanical Systems
  • Do all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms have adequate heat? (65 degrees measured at a distance of 3’ above the floor) Cooking appliances shall not be used to provide space heating to the requirements of this section.
  • Are heating systems installed and operating properly?
  • Are all combustion gases vented to the outside?
  • Are there any fuel burning devices located in bathrooms or sleeping rooms? (this is not permitted)
Plumbing Systems
  • Do plumbing fixtures have adequate water pressure and do they operate properly?
  • Do any supply or drain lines leak?
  • Do all fixtures have proper traps to prevent infiltration of sewer gases?
  • Are all fixtures working properly?
  • Does the water heater have a temperature pressure relief valve installed in accordance with the Johnson County Plumbing Code?


If you have any issues accessing the application files linked on this page, please call our office at 319-356-6083 for assistance.