The Johnson County Ambulance Service is dedicated to providing a “complete” service to our customers. After your transport by ambulance, our business office will assist you in processing the necessary paperwork to ensure prompt payment from your health insurance agency.

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All claims for Medicare Part B recipients are submitted directly to the carrier. In an effort to make certain that the patient receives a quick return, claims are filed electronically.

The Johnson County Ambulance Service accepts assignment of Medicare Part B. This means that the service has agreed to accept the Medicare allowable charges as payment in full. The Medicare carrier determines the allowable charges and if the service is medically necessary. Medicare pays 80% of the allowable charges to JCAS. The patient is responsible for any co-insurance amounts, non-covered services and deductibles.

If a patient has supplemental coverage, this information will be submitted with the Medicare claim.



JCAS currently accepts assignment for BC/BS claims. Payment is made directly to Johnson County Ambulance while any deductibles and co-pays for BC/BS are the responsibility of the patient. Payment on Medicaid claims is accepted as payment in full.



Our business office will assist you with private insurance filing if requested. We will submit a claim form to your insurance or will provide you with an itemized statement to be submitted directly to your insurance carrier.



At the time of the transport, our paramedics will request insurance information for claim filing. They will also request that you or a family member sign a waiver, which allows us to file an insurance claim in your behalf. The patient will also be asked to sign an acknowledgement of notice of our privacy policy. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.



If the patient does not have insurance coverage for ambulance transport, payment is requested within 30 days. A payment plan can be negotiated with the business office.