Improve dialogue and discussion and provide advice on food and agriculture issues to the county, municipalities, community boards, local agencies, nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and other interested groups. The Council will address food system issues in the county, including the development of the Council’s Governing Principles and strategic goals, data-gathering, research projects, and policies to address food system issues.

Agendas and Minutes



  • Provide ongoing advice and input to the county, municipalities, community boards, agencies, non-profits, businesses, etc. on food related issues as needed. 
  • Annually hold two publicized forums for the community to bring county food and agriculture issues and opportunities to the community’s attention for action. 
  • Provide an annual report of findings and accomplishments to the Johnson County Board of Supervisors and the public. 
  • Identify and report back to the Board each spring on issues included but not limited to:
    • Local land use policies and rules related to food production and distribution; and 
    • Methods for promoting rural and urban businesses to build regional demand for locally produced foods and food products; and 
    • County government food purchasing policies and practices.
  • Assist the county in developing a work plan and identify potential sources of additional funding for local food initiatives in subsequent years.  

Organizational Guidelines


How to Join

The Food Policy Council has between 10 to 15 members at all times. Johnson County accepts applications for the council on a rolling basis, and members are appointed in the summer if there are vacancies to fill. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to a term of four years.   

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