How to apply


Certified copies of birth, death, or marriage certificates may be obtained from the State Bureau of Health Statistics by telephone, in-person, or through a postal service. Fees are payable in U.S. funds by check or money order to the Iowa Department of Public Health. In-person requests may also be paid in cash. Genealogy requests take at least 60 days.


To order a certified copy using a credit card, customers can call VitalChek at 866-809-0290 Monday through Friday from 6am – 7 pm. Cost is $28. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, depending on seasonal demands and mail service. UPS 2-day delivery is also available for $45.50 and UPS-overnight for $48.


Applications may be made in-person at the State Bureau of Health Statistics 7am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, except for state-observed holidays, at the address below, just inside the north lobby entrance and to the right. The Lucas building is just east of the state Capitol and south of Grand Avenue. Applicants must provide current government-issued photo identification and sign their request in the presence of registrar staff. Copies may either be picked up after two working days or mailed to an entitled person. Genealogy requests take at least 60 days.


Written requests and fees are mailed to the address below. Requests must state the relationship to the person named on the record and the purpose for the copy. Filled requests take 30 – 45 days, depending on seasonal demands and mail service. Genealogy requests take least 60 days. The request must be signed in front of a notary public and include a clear photocopy of the applicant’s current government-issued photo identification.

Iowa Department of Public Health
Bureau of Health Statistics
Lucas State Office Building, 1st Floor
321 E. 12th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0075


Application for State Vital Record


Commemorative Certificates

Commemorative birth and marriage certificates are available from the Iowa Department of Public Health as a memorable keepsake or gift. This parchment certificate features a gold foil border, image of the state capitol of Iowa, and calligraphy print of the individuals’ personal information.

Gold embossed State and Iowa Department of Public Health seals make it a valid certified copy and legal document. Each certificate is signed by both the Governor of Iowa and the State Registrar. The certificate is 8½ x 11 and suitable for framing.

Applications are also available at the Johnson County Recorder's Office. The cost is $35.

Mail the fully completed application with a check or money order for the required fee to:

Iowa Office of Vital Records
321 E. 12th Street
Lucas State Office Bldg, First Floor
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075