Approved July 23, 2009

Johnson  County is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and hires individuals based on their qualifications and ability to perform the job to be filled. Hiring qualified individuals to fill positions contributes to the County's overall strategic success. Each employee is hired to make a meaningful contribution to their department and thus to the County as a whole. In hiring the best qualified candidates for full-time and part-time positions, including temporary and seasonal employees, the following employment procedure will be used:

Employment procedure

Staffing process

  1. Evaluate the position and determine if it still meets department needs or if the position should be changed accordingly.
  2. Update/create the job description. Department heads with separate boards and commissions present information accordingly for approval. As positions are part of the budget process, significant changes need to be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Human Resources coordinates updating the job description with the union, if applicable.
  3. Per the collective bargaining agreement, Administrative Unit managers need to check the transfer list prior to posting the position.
  4. Post the position internally with the updated job description. Follow the collective bargaining agreement, if applicable.
  5. Place advertising externally as needed including resources that attract diverse applicants. Iowa Workforce Development and the Johnson County website are a minimum. Check with Human Resources for assistance with the advertisement and starting compensation information. The advertisement period should be as long as appropriate, preferable at least a week, but not shorter than three days.

Selection process

1. Applicants must complete a Johnson County employment application. Resumes may be attached, but will not be substitute for application entries (unless specified in the job advertisement). The application provides a standard format necessary for consistent review. "See resume" may result in disqualification. By completing the application, the applicant acknowledges the status of confidentiality, truthfulness, the right to work in the United States and other authorizations with signature.

It is important not to write on the candidate's application.

Applications must be received no later than the deadline (date and time) specified on the job advertisement. Postmarks are normally accepted, but it is up to the Department Head/Elected Official and must be established in advance. As an alternative, applications can be accepted until the position is filled and should be indicated as such.

Johnson County does not condone a conflict of interest in hiring or supervising employees. Individuals with a potential or a perceived conflict of interest should remove themselves from the selection process.

2. Completed applications are reviewed by the hiring manager and/or the Department Head/Elected Official, selection committee or Human Resources based on minimum qualifications and pre-determined selection criteria including preferred qualifications. Voluntary Information sheets with gender and race/ethnicity data must be removed from the application and forwarded to Human Resources prior to viewing by the hiring manager and other involved in the selection process.

3. The goal of selection is to match candidates with the job and the culture of the organization keeping in mind Affirmative Action efforts. The top qualified candidates are selected for the interview process. Minimum selection criteria should not include knowledge, skills and abilities that can be taught in a relatively short time frame. Final selection will be based on a number of factors including but not limited to, knowledge, experience, strength of references and protected class status.

The number of candidates chosen for interviews depends on the number of qualified applications received. A minimum of two candidates should be interviewed for a valid selection process. Courtesy interviews are discouraged, especially when candidates do not meet minimum qualifications. Internal candidates are not guaranteed interviews, but should be personally contacted either way.

Candidates will be curious about the position, the status of their application, and the selection process. Respond to questions in a timely manner, within 24 hours if possible.

4. Candidates are interviewed by the hiring manager and/or the Department Head/ Elected Official, selection committee, Human Resources, or other as appropriate. Ideally two to five individuals should be involved in the interview.

Structured interview questions are recommended to compare candidate responses and to minimize the possibility of litigation. Questions must be job related and the same for all candidates. For Americans with Disability Act (ADA) purposes, all candidates should be provided a copy of the job description and asked, "With or without reasonable accommodation, would you be able to perform the essential functions of the position as listed in the job description?" Open ended and behavioral-based interview questions are preferred. Interview questions should be reviewed by Human Resources. Taking notes during the interview is strongly recommended.

Additional interviews are conducted as appropriate. Two rounds of interviews are recommended for regular positions, while one interview is sufficient for temporary and seasonal positions.

5. Skill and performance testing may be administered as an additional selection tool and is generally used in the second interview. Tests are used to determine qualifications for performing essential job functions. For example, typing test, proofreading tests, presentations. All testing must be valid, reliable, job-related and consistently applied.

6. During the second interview, Human Resources should review Johnson County benefits and discuss compensation with candidates.

7. Final candidate references are confirmed and checked by Human Resources or the hiring manager's designee prior to job offer. At least two professional references who are familiar with the candidate's work are required, but three or more are recommended. Reference questions should be consistent and job-related; notes are recommended for negligent hiring avoidance. Background checks are conducted as appropriate.

8. The hiring manager makes the final determination/selection in conjunction with Department Head/Elected Official/others as needed.

9. Determine salary offer consistent with established pay plans.

10. Extend offer contingent on passing pre-employment/post-offer physical and drug screen, if applicable.

11. Agree on starting date. Set up new employee orientation with Human Resources.

Remember, employment law covers all positions regardless of status, with exception of elected officials and their appointed deputies. Consistency of recruiting procedures is the primary defense against EEO discrimination claims.

Post Selection process

1. Send correspondence to unsuccessful candidates. Human Resources has several templates. This can be done in stages depending on the number of qualified candidates.

If an offer letter is necessary for the selected candidate, coordinate with Human Resources.

All applications and resumes of applicants not selected should be retained for a minimum of one year after the selection.

2. The hiring manager ensures a department orientation for the new employee and coordinates Johnson County orientation with HR to include benefits enrollment and other administrative items. Orientation would preferably be scheduled on the employee's first day, but should not take place later than three days after state.
Time spent in orientation is paid.