The Johnson County Board of Supervisors welcomes the opportunity to honor, celebrate, and recognize notable days, weeks, months, and issues within the county by reading and presenting proclamations during their weekly Formal Meeting.  Proclamations are granted in the interest of promoting local art and cultural celebrations and to raise public awareness of local issues that impact residents of Johnson County.  Please review the archive of proclamations at the bottom of this webpage for recent proclamation topics.

Proclamation requests can be made using the form on this page and must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days prior to the Formal Meeting targeted for the proclamation presentation.  A person representing the sponsoring organization must be available at the meeting to receive the proclamation and make a few brief remarks about the subject of the proclamation.  Formal Meetings are typically held on Thursday mornings at 9:00 AM. Please review the Board of Supervisors calendar here for meeting dates and times (subject to change).  Please note that in the event your proclamation is scheduled, the proclamation will be the first item on the Formal Meeting agenda, so prompt attendance is expected on the agreed upon date.  

The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to deny any proclamation request.  Proclamations will not be issued for campaigns or events contrary to Johnson County policies, for-profit causes, matters of political controversy or religious beliefs and/or pending ballot issues.

Keep in mind that:

  • A proclamation does not possess exclusive rights to the day, week, or month; thus, there may be overlapping recognitions.  
  • Proclamations are not automatically renewed; requests must be made on an annual basis.  
  • The Board of Supervisors will modify the submitted proclamation to fit our formatting but will also edit the content to best tailor the proclamation to County purposes, which may require additional correspondence.

Click here to submit a proclamation request