Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on May 10, 2012

Approval is required before mobile devices (County-issued or personal) may be used for integration and synchronization with the Johnson County email system. Only Elected Official or Department Heads may request authorization for an employee by submitting a Mobile Device Synchronization Authorization Form.

Employees should limit their integration and synchronization of mobile devices to the Johnson County email system to business-related functions. Any non-business-related use of their service negatively impacting the Johnson County system's internet bandwidth, server utilization, etc. may results in the termination of the user's authorization of this service.

The mobile device, if capable, is to be set to require a password to be entered if the device is turned off or is timed out. The password should be hard to guess in case the device is lost or stolen.

Employees are strongly advised to store or access any sensitive or confidential information on their mobile device, the employee must take reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure said information is not viewed by unauthorized persons. Encryption is highly recommended for all mobile devices that store or access sensitive information because data on the device can be retrieved even after it is deleted. The employee is responsible for making sure the mobile device is secure if left unattended. Johnson County Information Technology (JCIT) is not responsible for any data loss and restoration due to synchronization addition, deletion, or modification by an employee's mobile device. Users must notify JCIT as soon as possible if the mobile device is lost or being replaced.

Mobile devices should have antivirus software installed to prevent viruses from infecting County systems. Antivirus software should be configured to do automatic updates when connected to PC's or wireless network and do automatic and regular scans of the device. Employee should only install applications from trusted sources. Mobile devices and applications should be updated on a regular basis.

Bluetooth should be turned off when not being used. When employees use Bluetooth, they should be sure to use the highest security mode available to encrypt traffic in both directions between the Bluetooth device and its paired equipment (for example, wireless ear piece) and set it to use hidden mode so other people in the area cannot connect to the employees' device.

Enabling the device so others can connect to it or enabling the device as a Wi-Fi hot spot is highly discouraged. If enabled, employees should use authentication for the connection party rather than anonymous access so that other people in the area cannot receive an employee's information without the employee being aware of it.

Beyond providing an authorized user with the server information required to establish the connection between the mobile device and the Johnson County email system, JCIT may not provide support of individual mobile devices. Additional support should be obtained from the employee's cell phone or other commercial vendor. Only devices that have Exchange Active Sync or Black Berry Enterprise capabilities are supported by JCIT. No additional software is to be installed on the employee's Johnson County workstation without consulting JCIT staff.