This policy governs the use of both the Employee Wellness Room located on the third floor of the Health and Human Services Building (855 S. Dubuque Street) and the Employee Wellness Room located in the Secondary Roads building (4810 Melrose Avenue West). Use of this room is coordinated by the Wellness Committee and only activities approved by the Wellness Committee, or otherwise approved by the Board of Supervisors, may be held in the Employee Wellness Rooms. In addition to any group activities approved by the Wellness Committee, both Employee Wellness Rooms will house exercise equipment for use by individual employees.

Use of the Employee Wellness Rooms, including exercise equipment, is offered to employees of Johnson County, Joint Emergency Communications Center for Johnson County (JECC), and other government employees house primarily in Johnson County buildings. A Johnson County key card will be required to access the Employee Wellness Rooms. Unless otherwise programmed for job duites, key cards will only allow access to the northwest door of the HHS building and elevator access to the third floor, opening to the Employee Wellness Room, and the parking gate leading into the Secondary Roads parking lot and the outside entrance leading into the Secondary Roads Wellness Room. Because the Employee Wellness Room is unstaffed, key card access into the room may be tracked and surveillance cameras may be used for safety, liability and security reasons. No cameras will be placed in the restroom/showers/locker ares. It is the responsibility of JECC and the State of Iowa management to notify Johnson County Human Resources at 319-356-6003, when an employee terminates employment.

Participants must sign and return a waiver and release of liability before using the exercise equipment. The appropriate form can be obtained by contacting Johnson County Employee Wellness at 356-6040. The signed waiver and release of liability must be returned to the Community Health Division of Johnson County Public Health. Johnson County is not responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of activities held or equipment used in the Employee Wellness Room. Use of the Employee Wellness Room is only allowed during paid and unpaid breaks and non-work hours.

The following rules are inn place and must be followed to ensure the safety of participants and protection of the exercise equipment and favility:

  • Only County employees, JECC employees, ,and other government employees houses primarily in Johnson County buildings are allowed to use the Employee Wellness Room. Employees must indicate on waiver which facility/facilities he or she requests access. Access will only be granted upon submission of a completed waiver.
  • Children, family members, and friends are not allowed into the Employee Wellness Room.
  • Free weight equipment may not be used unless there is at least one other person present. Participants should consult with a doctor before starting any physical activity program.
  • Exercise equipment should be cleaned after use and returned as it was found.
  • Proper exercise clothing and closed-toe footwear must be worn, as appropriate.
  • Noise should be minimized. Do not drop eights. Music must be listened to through headphones.
  • Personal belongings must be stored appropriately. Lockers are provided for short-term storage, and may only be used only while participants are in the Employee Wellness Room. Locks left on lockers will be removed after 24 hours.
  • During weekday business hours, employees must park only in the designated employee parking areas. During weekends and non-business hours, employees utilizing the Secondary Roads Employee Wellness Room will need to park in the SEATS south parking lot.
  • Damaged equipment must be reported to Johnson County Employee Wellness at 356-6040.

Participants who do not follow this policy may lose the privilege of utilizing the Employee Wellness Room.