The County Attorney’s Office does not coordinate jury duty. The Clerk of Courts is responsible for organizing potential jurors. If you are selected for jury duty, you should be prepared for some questioning from both parties called voir dire.

Who do I call about jury duty?

The Johnson County Clerk of Courts. 319-356-6060 ext 1.

Where is the Courthouse?

417 S. Clinton Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240.

Where can I Park?

There is a parking ramp one block away from the Courthouse or metered parking surrounding the Courthouse.

Where do I call for ADA accommodations?

319-398-3920 ext 1100.

Where do I go to report for jury duty in the Courthouse?

Third Floor Lobby.

What if an emergency comes up and I can’t make it?

Call the Clerk of Court at 319-356-6060 ext 1 as soon as possible.

Do I get paid if I need to travel to be a juror?

This may change from time to time at rates approved by the Supreme Court. You should provide your travel information on your completed questionnaire.

How much does jury duty pay?

This may change so check with the Clerk of Court.

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