Contact Information

Rachel Zimmermann Smith, County Attorney
Rachel Zimmermann Smith
County Attorney

Phone Numbers

Phone: (319) 339-6100
Fax: (319) 339-6149


Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Community Violence Intervention Program


The County Attorney is the legal advisor and chief law enforcement officer for the county. The County Attorney’s duties include:

  • Prosecuting violations of state criminal laws and county ordinances;
  • Assisting crime victims through notification of court events and processes;
  • Providing legal advice to the Board of Supervisors and county and township officers concerning county matters;
  • Representing and defending the county and its officers in officially related cases;
  • Recovering fines and penalties owed to the state or county and forfeiting property connected to criminal activity;
  • Attending mental health commitment proceedings as well as juvenile delinquency, child in need of assistance matters and termination cases.

The County Attorney does not:

  • Give legal advice to or represent private groups or persons,
  • File lawsuits for private persons or defend them against lawsuits, including actions for dissolution of marriage and landlord-tenant disputes,
  • Prepare wills, deeds or other legal documents for private individuals..