If you are an agency on our referring agency list, and are making a referral, click here for the online referral form or click here for the pdf version of the referral form.

If you are an agency that is NOT on our referring agency list, and you would like to be added, or if you have questions about the service and/or eligibility, please contact:

Johnson County SEATS at: 319-339-6128 or [email protected]

Johnson County Mobility Coordinator at: 319-356-6090 or [email protected]


Ticket Purchases

You can purchase pre-paid single trip tickets to distribute to clients directly from SEATS at 319-339-6128 or [email protected]



In order to use this service, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Individuals who reside outside of or are traveling to areas unserved by fixed-route transit systems
  • Individuals applying for and awaiting paratransit approval
  • Residents of North Liberty and unincorporated Johnson County without access to transportation
  • Immigrant or limited English proficiency populations
  • Any other individual experiencing a barrier to accessing transportation

Riders must be referred to the service by a local human services agency or community partner. 



Cost is $5 per one-way ride.  Cash and Tickets are accepted.  Drivers to not carry change; exact fare is required to board the vehicle.  Tickets are provided only by local human service agencies and are not available for purchase by riders. 


Service Information

This service offers ‘same day’ rides to those without access to an alternate form of transportation. Rides are subject to driver availability, and are first come, first served. Rides can not be reserved prior to the day of the trip.

Guests- If space is available, guests can ride with an approved rider.  Guests pay the same fare the rider pays, $5 per one-way trip.

Accessibility- The vehicle is accessible. If you have an oversized wheelchair, please inform the driver.

Children- Riders with children must provide and install an age appropriate car seat, if applicable.  Rides will not be provided if an age appropriate car seat is not provided and safely installed.

Carry On Items – Carry on items are not to exceed 8 bags, and/or 20 pounds, and can not exceed what you and the driver can carry in one trip.  Large, awkward shaped items will not be transported. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Missed Trips- those with excessive missed trips may lose their eligibility.

Inclement Weather- The driver will let you know of service changes/issues related to inclement weather. Service to rural areas may be suspended/cancelled during inclement weather.


Hours of Operation

Drivers are available to take same day requests from 7am-5pm Monday-Friday, excluding county holidays.  Trips are available between 7:30am and 4:30 pm, and are first come first served.


How to request a ride

Once approved for the service, the trip request phone number will be provided. Rides are requested by calling or texting the driver directly.  Interpretation is available for those with limited English proficiency.  Drivers are available to take reservations 7am – 5pm Monday – Friday.  We do not operate on recognized Johnson County holidays.



Please contact:

Johnson County SEATS at: 319-339-6128 or [email protected]

Johnson County Mobility Coordinator at:319-356-6090 or [email protected]