This webpage provides links to different solar topics and includes the online dashboards for solar arrays that generate electricity onsite for Johnson County government facilities.

1. Private Solar

Private solar array projects in the county's unincorporated area: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System guidelines and checklist, click here.

Tips for purchasing solar for your own property: Iowa Solar EnergyTrade Association consumer site, click here.

Solar group buys for the public: we appreciate your interest but Johnson County is not currently hosting a program. Programs were offered in conjunction with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association in 2018, 2020 and 2021.

2. Utility Scale Solar

The Utility Scale Solar Overview website includes information and links on these topics:

     General information and guidance on the application process

     Applicants' Proposed Utility Scale Solar Projects

     Existing Utility Scale Solar Sites

3. County Facilities: Onsite Arrays and Online Portals

In 2015, Johnson County was the first county in Iowa to enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA) for solar photovoltaic arrays to power local government buildings. Since then, the County has entered into additional PPAs and made several outright purchases of solar arrays.

Access real-time solar energy production, as well as past data, by clicking on the links below. Please allow up to 15 seconds for each dashboard to load.


Administration building 85.8 kW (ground-mounted array; PPA, built 2016), click here

Health and Human Services building 159.6 kW (roof-top array; PPA, built 2016), click here

Secondary Roads/SEATS fleet maintenance and wash bay 15.14 kW (ground-mounted array; PPA, built 2015) [Portal link not available due to changes in provider platform.]

Secondary Roads shop 70.56 kW (ground-mounted array; PPA, built 2015) [Portal link not available due to changes in provider platform]


Ambulance Service and Medical Examiner facility 68.6 kW (roof-mounted and trellis array; owned, built 2017), click here

GuideLink Center 144 kW (rooftop; owned, built 2021), click here

Arrays on Conservation land, visit here and select the Solar Energy drop-down menu. Conservation arrays were outright purchases.