Internal programs, policies and procedures that help make Johnson County Operations sustainable

Capital Project Standards Process (here) and related Sustainability Minimum Standards (here)

In August 2014, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Green Capital Project Standards Process and Sustainability Minimum Standards to ensure new or renovated County facilities are energy and resource-efficient. For projects of 2,000 or more square feet of conditioned space, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification (LEED) is pursued; if LEED is not feasible or applicable, the minimum standards apply.

Green Purchasing and Procurement Policy

The purchasing policy was adopted as a starting point for departments and offices. Since its adoption many departments and offices have switched to even 100% recyclable/FSC paper.

Sustainable Lawn and Landscape Plan for County Operations

The guiding document, which was adopted in 2017, has six goals:

  1. limited chemical use except for exceptional needs
  2. prioritize best management practices to help ireduce greenhouse gases, control erosion, improve recovery from winter (ice, sand); and provide native habitat/edible landscapes.
  3. coordinate with County overall and building-specific stormwater plans to reduce heat islands/effects and improve soil quality and stormwater runoff quality while reducing overall stormwater quantity
  4. Improve appearance of grounds.
  5. Promote pedestrian/outdoor activity and safety. Educate the public, staff, others

Sustainability and Energy Reinvestment Fund

The County established the internal Sustainability and Energy Reinvestment Fund in July 2014 to help cover the incremental cost of completing energy-efficiency or other resource-saving projects.The fund is supported primarily by energy efficiency rebates and incentives from new building or major building rehabilitation projects. Projects realized by the fund include LED lighting, soil quality restoration, solar array installs, water bottle filler stations and more.


More Information Needed?

Sustainability milestones are described here. And to learn more about external-facing efforts, please visit here