Radon is an odorless, colorless, naturally-occurring gas formed by the decay of radioactive materials. Radon itself is radioactive and poses a health threat when sufficient concentrations collect in enclosed areas such as basements and crawl spaces. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer overall and the leading cause among nonsmokers. Iowa has the largest percentage (71.6%) of homes above the US Environmental Protection Agency action level of 4pCi/L, in the US.

Short Term & Long Term Radon test kits can be purchased at Johnson County Public Health by calling 319-356-6040. Short-Term kits are $12 in office or can be mailed to you for $15. Long-Term test kits are $30 in person, or mailed for $33.

Short-Term Radon Test Kits (3-7 days in length)

  • Testing for radon for the first time.
  • You have done a short-term measurement before that reported elevated levels and you need to conduct a second verification test.
  • A mitigation system was recently installed in your home and you need to do a follow-up test to confirm your radon levels are low.
  • Your home already has a mitigation system and you want to verify your radon levels are low and confirm the mitigation system is working properly.
  • Place test kit in lowest live-able area in home.
    • Suggestions: one kit per foundation type; Test every 2 years even if you have a mitigation system; Test after major renovations

Long-Term Radon Test Kits (3-12 months in length)

  • You have done a short-term measurement before that reported low or elevated levels and you would like to conduct a second test for verification.
  • You would like to know your what your radon level is as an average over a longer period.
  • Place test kit in lowest live-able area in home

Iowa Department of Public Health Radon Program
General Radon Information– EPA
Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction - EPA