From the Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 14

The purpose of the regulations is to protect the consumer from false or deceptive claims regarding the reduction of health-related contaminants in drinking water by sellers of residential water treatment device offered for sale, lease, or rent for which claims of reducing health-related contaminants are made.

Manufacturer's Performance Data Sheet

Before purchasing such a water treatment device a consumer should read the Manufacturer's Performance Data Sheet. By law, this document must be given to the buyer by the seller and signed and dated by both parties prior to the consummation of the sale. The Performance Data Sheet must contain but is not limited to the following information.

  • The name, address and telephone number of the seller.
  • The name, brand or trademark under which the water treatment device is sold, and its model number.
  • Performance and test data including but not limited to:
    • List of contaminants found to be reduced by the device.
    • The test influent concentration of each contaminant.
    • The percent reduction or effluent concentration of each contaminant.
    • The maximum contaminant level (MCL) specified in the U.S. EPA's National Primary
    • Drinking Water Regulations for each contaminant.

The approximate capacity in gallons or the period of time during which the treatment device is effective in reducing the contaminants based on the contaminant influent concentration used for the performance test. The gallon capacity of the device need only be based on the claimed contaminant most likely to break through into the effluent during the performance test period.4. If applicable, the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the water during the performance tests.

The following information must also be on the Performance Data Sheet or be referenced to the owner's manual.

  • Installation instructions.
  • Procedure and requirements necessary for proper operation of the treatment device including but not limited to electrical requirements, maximum and minimum pressure, flow rate, temperature limitations, maintenance requirements, and expected replacement frequencies.
  • The seller's warranty limitations.
  • Non-health-related substances may be listed on the Performance Data Sheet but may not be referred to as contaminants.

Consumer Information Pamphlet

In addition to the Performance Data Sheet, a Consumer Information Pamphlet prepared by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) must also be given to the buyer by the seller again prior to the consummation of the sale.


All treatment devices covered by this legislation must be registered by the seller with the Iowa Department of Public Health. Before registration is approved, the device must be performance tested in accordance with approved protocols by a third-party testing agency. This registration will certify that the system has been thoroughly tested for structural integrity and assure effective performance.

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