Take advantage of free resources – Quitline Iowa (1‐800‐QUIT‐NOW or quitlineiowa.org) can help you make a quit plan, deal with cravings and explore medical on options such as nicotine replacement therapy. Or find a quit buddy for support.

Make a commitment – You could start by signing the pledge to make your home and car smoke‐free https://www.johnson‐county.com/dept_survey.aspx?id=10098. Then you could sign an oath to become completely smoke‐free and have a friend serve as a witness.

Get active ‐ Physical activity can help you deal with nicotine cravings

Reduce temptation ‐ Spend time in non‐smoking places. Ask your friends and family who smoke to not smoke around you.

Relax – Practice relaxation techniques like visualization, deep breathing, meditation or yoga. Or get a massage.

Practice quitting – Try holding off for 10 minutes when your next craving hits. This can build your confidence and you may even find the craving goes away.

Focus on the positive – Write down all the reasons you want to quit. Visualize your body becoming healthier and being free of the need for tobacco.

Reward yourself – Go to a movie or out for dinner when you’ve reached a milestone.

Find a new hobby – Instead of smoking, read a book, walk the dog, bake bread, call a friend. Keeping busy with healthy activities distracts you from the cravings and may increase your drive to succeed. Also, you may realize you have interests you didn’t know about before.

Go easy on yourself – Addiction to tobacco involves physical, mental and social components. It often takes several a?empts to quit for good.