2022 Community Status Assessment

HealthyJoco is a community health assessment (CHA) & community health improvement plan (CHIP) effort in Johnson County, Iowa. It is largely supported by Johnson County Public Health & members of the Core Committee. This is the first of three assessments that is telling the community story. This Community Status Assessment (CSA) will be followed by a Community Partners Assessment (CPA), & Community Context Assessment (CCA). After all three assessments are completed, HealthyJoCo will prioritize top health issues & focuses to complete a community health improvement plan (CHIP) which aims to continuously improve the community. The CHIP will be created with community input & feedback, & will be completed by the Fall of 2023.

2022 Community Status Assessment Report
Health Data
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Community Health Assessment (CHNA)

The Community Health Assessment is a systematic examination of the health status indicators for a given population that helps to identify key problems and assets in a community.

2022 Community Partners Assessment Report
2015 CHNA Qualitative Report
2015 CHNA Quantitative Report


Health Improvement Plan (HIP)

The Community Health Improvement plan is a long-term, collaborative effort to address public health issues based on the results of assessment activities (CHA). This plan focuses on the underlying causes of health concerns in the community and a structured plan to address the health concern. The HIP then identifies 17 specific health priorities that align with these public health issues.

Johnson County HIP - May 2018       
Health Improvement Plan 2016-2020
Johnson County HIP - June 2017


Healthy Iowans

Healthy Iowans


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